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Building Your Own Inspection Checklists

InspectCheck gives you the ability to create custom inspection checklists based on inspection forms already in use or to modify pre-built inspection templates.

Custom Forms for Every Use

No matter what kind of inspections you are doing; you can create a completely custom inspection form and process; combining locations, areas that you want to include in your inspection, and formats that can include inspections that include locations, questions, and other designs that fit your needs.

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all approaches and start building your own inspection checklists.

Customized inspection forms can be used for any type of inspection from housekeeping inspections, periodic site visits, curb appeal review, complete preventative maintenance plans, comprehensive needs assessments, due diligence inspections, and more. Setting your own standards is a key to success as a management company or owner, and with InspectCheck you can build a better set of standards and inspections to enforce them.

You can customize our inspection checklists or build new custom inspections to meet your needs. Any paper inspection form you currently use for apartment inspections (Move-In/Out, Annual, Housekeeping) can be easily added to InspectCheck with customized locations, rooms, and inspection items with several rating options. Instead of locations and items, inspection checklists can also be in the form of questions, statements, or observations.

Combining HUD UPCS with Custom Forms and Checklists

With Inspectcheck, you can combine together traditional inspection forms that use ratings such as "Good/Fair/Poor", "Clean/Repair/Replace" and other standards with the HUD Uniform Physical Condition Standards. Using our inline rating design, you can quickly see the UPCS inspection findings that are associated with every inspection item. You can tie together the UPCS findings with your standard inspection results, creating usable inspection forms where you can combine UPCS with your every day operations.

About Our Custom Form Features

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