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Per User Pricing

Costs for User Contract

Per User pricing makes sense for state finance agencies, municipalities, inspection firms, real estate investment firms, and property management companies that want one more users to handle all inspections across their portfolio.


Per Property Pricing

Property Per Unit Licensing Fees

Unlimited inspection types, users, devices with each property subscription. And, an annual fee between $120 and $360 fits any property budget.


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In a few easy steps, you can setup a FREE InspectCheck trial account to fully explore how Inspectcheck can transform your inspection process.


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InspectCheck provides the most options and the best price.

Includes robust reporting capabilities, customizable inspection checklists, design multifamily housing, support for affordable housing, and compatibility with Android or Apple tablets and smartphones.


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Clients from Management Companies to Professional Inspectors

No matter what part of the multifamily industry you work in, InspectCheck can make your routine inspections more cost effective and efficient. Whether you are a property manager doing move in inspections or a professional inspector performing a site audit or inspection, Inspectcheck has a package for you.


Recent News and Announcements

Recent Announcements and News

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Inspectcheck is constantly updating our services and offerings; see announcements about our memberships, announcements about new clients and features.


Discover Inspections That Save Your Property Money

InspectCheck gives you the ability to keep on top of your facility management like never before. You can perform your unit inspections, and record the condition of the apartment at move-in with clear, date-time stamped photographs, and e-signatures from the tenants - so you'll never have to hear "It was like that when I moved in" again.

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Inspectcheck's cloud-to-mobile technology combines mobile apps with robust reporting. Giving you the best mobile features - while keeping it as easy as pen-and-paper.

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