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Due diligence property inspection

Due diligence unit inspections can be performed by several inspectors to increase the amount, quality, and timeliness of information available to decision makers. No matter what your standards are, you can use InspectCheck to create brilliant reporting for your clients.

Custom Due Diligence Inspections 

Custom inspection formats can be created for your company, and the inspections include:

  • Cost for repair and replacement automatically calculated 
  • Digital Photographs with captions, locations, and conditions
  • Number of items inspections - such as how many sinks, doors, and other components are on a property

Due Diligence inspections can be for dwelling units, building grounds and exterior, or any other set of conditions that you would like to assess. With Inspectcheck, you can perform inspections quickly on your mobile device and create stunning reports in our cloud-based web console. 

Instant Reporting on Due Diligence

Need to quickly evaluate a property to determine if it meets your standards or is a viable investment? One or several inspectors can complete a due diligence inspection with InspectCheck on your Apple or Android devices. You can inspect both units and buildings, inside and out, with easy to customize checklists that can produce instant reports for owners and investors.

Quickly assess properties to determine their viability, condition, and appearance with inspection checklists customized for your due diligence process.

All the findings from each inspector will be consolidated into a report that gives you a snapshot of a property with details about the grounds, building exterior, unit conditions, amenities on the property, and anything else that you want to include in your due diligence review.  Your report can include digital photos, specific notes about findings and instructions, and an overall assessment of the property. For companies who use a single inspector or inspection teams, you can use Inspectcheck to turn what was one a long, manual process into a quick and streamlined process that produces a single inspection report as soon as your inspection is done.

Whether you are inspecting properties for determining the viability of an investment or ensuring that your assets are being run properly - you can create a better inspection with InspectCheck.

Sample Due Diligence Inspections



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