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How Inspectcheck works

How Inspectcheck Works

Inspectcheck is a Multifamily Housing Inspection App with robust reporting. You can create custom inspections that create instant reporting from your iPad or Android Device

Inspectcheck's property inspection app replaces time-consuming paper inspection forms, confusing codes, and expensive clerical work with a cloud-to-mobile process that organizes inspections and provides powerful reporting to analyze inspection results, spot trends, and prioritize repairs. Included inspection templates can be used as-is or completely customized and distributed instantly to inspectors in the field.

Prepare for HUD Pre-REAC Inspection

Inspectcheck also integrates UPCS and REAC standards used by the Affordable Housing industry providing unparalleled support for Pre-REAC and Annual UPCS Inspections for properties subject to HUD and Section 42 LIHTC inspections. You can do professional property inspections from your iPad or Android devices and create instant reports in Excel and PDF.

Create Dynamic Due Diligence Inspections With Cost Analysis Instantly

Need to create a due diligence inspection? With inspectcheck you can conduct your inspection on an iPad or Android tablet or phone and then create a report instantly as soon as you are done. You can work by yourself or a team of inspectors - all of their findings will automatically merge together into a single, stunning report.


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Inspectcheck's cloud-to-mobile technology combines mobile apps with robust reporting. Giving you the best mobile features - while keeping it as easy as pen-and-paper.

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