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gallery-img1InspectCheck fully supports Pre-REAC inspections with instant REAC scoring. Be prepared for any upcoming REAC inspection by performing your own Pre-REAC inspections and getting your own score.

REAC Inspections with Instant Scoring

Whether you are a professional UPCS or Pre-REAC Inspection consultant or a property management company looking to improve your REAC scores, InspectCheck helps you prepare for your inspections by showing you how your property would score on an upcoming REAC Inspection. You can create reports for your Pre-REAC Inspections with embedded photos, REAC scoring, notes from the inspection - all instantly, as soon as the inspection is completed.

Learn what to look for on REAC Inspections and the Exact Point Loss

You can prepare your property for an upcoming REAC inspection using the REAC scoring methodology as your guide, all you have to do is inspect your property and record issues in the InspectCheck App by choosing the UPCS violations that best describe the issues that you observe. InspectCheck calculates point deductions for every violation recorded and updates REAC scoring as you proceed through the pre-REAC inspection.

When each inspection is completed, detailed inspection reports are immediately created with REAC scoring, UPCS violations for every location and item inspected with photos, inspector notes and follow up instructions. InspectCheck reporting allows you to focus your REAC preparation on the highest REAC point losses first.

You can keep your HUD properties prepared for REAC inspections at all times by performing regular check-ups.

Many property management companies specializing in affordable housing are using internal Pre-REAC Inspections to ensure that their properties remain consistently at high performing status. Using InspectCheck to perform your own internal UPCS and Pre-REAC Inspections you can not only see the exact UPCS code easily explained for you, but also see the scoring in real-time as your conduct your inspections.

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