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Lease File Audits

InspectCheck now offers the capability to perform Lease File Audits. Our program will identify lease variances and help you to validate your current entries and prevent common data errors.

Lease File Audit Software

With our software, teams of people can easily work together and all of their imported data and findings will be complied into a single report. Your reviewers can complete the lease file audit or an internal review, and the reporting is all done in real time, completely eliminating any wait time or potential human error. Whether you are performing due diligence or a regular review of your internal operations, such as a Regional Manager's site visit, you can entirely automate your lease file audit practice with our easy to use app and customizable audit forms.

An Audit Completed on Your Mobile Device with Completely Customizable Reports

The level of detail included in your Lease File Audit report is based on your needs. Some of the many features offered in our reporting capabilities include:

  • Unit details (type, number of bedrooms, household count)
  • Identification of variances in lease rent amount vs your Rent Roll
  • Average market rent and any average gains or losses compared to your lease amount
  • Security deposits
  • Utility allowances
  • LIHTC Audits

A lease does not only define your relationship between you and your tenants, but is also an important policy document that can impact outside funding and your bottom line. Due diligence Lease File Audits from InspectCheck are timesaving, customizable tools that provide you a convenient reference for a variety of essential business activities.

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