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Multifamily Housing inspections

Property Inspection App Designed for Multifamily Housing

Inspectcheck is designed specifically for the multifamily housing industry with customizable inspection templates that really fit your for everyday inspection needs for maintenance, quarterly site reviews, due diligence, and everything in between.

From Pre-REAC Inspections and Unit Due Diligence and Everyday Property Inspections, Inspectcheck has you covered

You can use built-in templates for move-in and move out inspections, due diligence and asset condition assessments, and Pre-REAC Inspections - or you can convert any form that you currently use into a streamlined process for your iPad/iPhone or Android device. You can easy conduct inspections for your properties and create stunning reports instantly upon completing your inspections.

Collect the right information at the right time for periodic apartment inspections, preventative maintenance, asset tracking, and more.

The multifamily industry is diverse, ranging from small rural multifamily properties to urban high-rises, and sprawling developments with dozens of buildings. No matter what type of property you work with, Inspectcheck can handle your inspection needs.

Most other mobile inspection products are built to suit the needs of real estate agents and not Multifamily Housing, which has unique demands and requirements. With our innovative design, you can record all of the data that you need for your apartments or property as a whole in a streamline process that is as easy as the pen and paper process that you have grown accustomed to - only a hundred times more efficient.

Inspectcheck's uses are truly limitless, as we allow our customers to define how they want to use the product's features - from daily move in/out and annuals, to inventory control, you can create custom forms and checklists.

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Inspectcheck's cloud-to-mobile technology combines mobile apps with robust reporting. Giving you the best mobile features - while keeping it as easy as pen-and-paper.

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