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Turnover Inspections

The volume and short timeframe for Student Housing turnover inspections is a challenge that you can meet head on with InspectCheck mobile.  You can now perform inspections right on your smartphone or tablet and get maintenance requirements collected quickly to reduce down-time.

A Better Student Housing Inspection

Creating Streamlined Processes for Unit Turnovers

Student Housing has unique challenges in the multifamily housing industry.  In no other part of the multifamily industry is there 60-80% annual turnover and all in a single month. Inspectcheck can help you organize this process and quickly identify the work that needs to be completed and costs to charge back to residents. Inspectcheck clients in the student housing industry have reported great increases in productivity and accuracy on their resident rooms and units. With all of their inspections occurring in a compressed schedule of time, inspections performed on mobile devices can integrate your company's custom standards with photos, notes, and custom defined costs for chargebacks to residents. With a cost for replacement included in the inspection, you can quickly and easily assess the amount that resident's owe at move out. 

Using a custom turnover inspection checklist you can quickly record the condition of each unit and hand-off turnover punch lists to maintenance as each inspection is completed in the field.

The process of taking a unit from move out inspection to turn-over has now become easier and more efficient. You can provide maintenance staff easy to read reports that indicate the damaged areas, complete with pictures to provide any clarity if it is needed. 

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